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Pro-Bono Work


Camp Aranutiq

Giving campaign Fundraising brochure
for a children's camp for an underseved population.

Transforming Family

This was designed for a support group for parents of transgender children and their transgender children. The top left arrow with the cross through it means transgender.

Harbor Camps
Giving Tuesday e-mail header

This project was a little bit of a challenge, because the camp owner did not want to use stock photography. We had to rely on parents across the country to follow directions on a photo checklist that I had created. These images had to be retouched in order for us to use them and then composited with the lake background shot that was lo-res.

(logos were not my design. 

Transforming Family Website Redesign

The previous website was a years old Wordpress site that had not been maintained. It was a little on the cold side.

I strove to design something warm and welcoming that would entice families to read further. 


The target audience was everyone from the most educated phD to people that had never graduated high-school. The group was very multi-cultural and that needed to be illustrated as well.


The site is still being tweaked, and new material is being added.

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